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About Us

At Property Principles our aim is to make lettings a whole lot simpler when it comes to checking tenants in and out out of rented property.

Our first film, Clean Up, shows the benchmark standard of cleaning that should be maintained in all private rental properties.

This is invaluable to landlords, who can make sure that their properties are handed over to the agent or tenant to the standard required. This then shows the tenant what will be expected of them when they come to leave.

Towards the end of the tenancy, the tenant would decide whether to clean themselves to the standard required or, hire a cleaning company to clean for them.

Clean Up is also a very valuable tool for cleaners and inventory providers as it also shows them the standard that is expected at the commencement and end of tenancies.

Once this standard is adhered to, it will cut down greatly on disputes concerning cleaning thereby helping tenants to get their deposit back without deductions for cleaning. It cannot of course guarantee this, but as long as the details are adhered to, it cannot do anything but help.

Following on in 2016, we hope to launch further film guides for gardening and decor. Watch this space!