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What is the Clean Up about?

Through our research we’ve discovered that not everyone has the same idea of ‘clean’ or even ‘professionally clean’.


The Clean Up video and booklet have been created to help set and industry standard in cleaning, with a view to reducing disputes over cleaning issues either at the beginning or end of a tenancy. (The Dispute Service put cleaning issues at 60% of all the disputes they deal with www.thedisputeservice.com).

The Clean Up video and booklet both contain step-by-step instructions on how to clean every room in a house – to a professional standard.

The aim is that all parties involved in a letting agreement (landlords, tenants, agents, inventory clerks, cleaning companies) watch the CTPW video (have a copy of the booklet to hand) and agree to that standard of cleaning either when leaving a property or when letting a property – even as a reminder of how the property should be looked after during a rental period.

We see it as becoming an integral part of the inventory process and an important tool to help all parties realize what is expected of them at every stage of a letting agreement.

How much does the Clean Up video cost?

The cost of Clean Up video and booket is £5.99 for individual downloads. The exact price you will pay for your package is worked out depending on your individual businesses model, via a personalised quote.

Who is the Clean Up video for?

Agents, landlords, tenants, inventory providers (whether in house or independent) and cleaning companies will all be helped enormously with the simple step by step instructions on the Clean Up video. Whether a landlord or tenant cleans the property themselves or appoints a cleaning company, the standard displayed within the video is the industry accepted standard.

How do I get a copy of the Clean Up video?

Upon purchase, you will be sent a download link. You can also choose our branding service and have dvd’s or usb’s branded with your company name and details, ready to distribute to anyone who needs one.

Why is the Clean Up video good for Landlords?

The Clean Up video and booklet are great assets to include in tenant’s instruction packs. With it’s simple step-by-step instructions, the video shows how the property was cleaned before the tenant moves in and serves as a reminder of exactly what standard is expected, when the tenant moves out. The booklet is a handy ‘go to’ for more cleaning hints and tips that tenants can refer to when they come to checkout and throughout their tenure.

Why is the Clean Up video good for Agents?

Distributing the Clean Up video and booklet to your landlords, tenants and cleaning companies means everyone is aware of the cleaning standards you expect. When everyone has the same standard to adhere to there should be no room for disputes about cleaning when taking on or leaving a property. This means changeovers are smoother and quicker and disputes over cleaning should be kept to an absolute minimum.

Why is the Clean Up video good for tenants?

Everyone’s version of ‘clean’ is different and for tenants it’s often difficult to know quite how high a cleaning standard is needed to get 100% of their deposit back. The Clean Up video and booklet shows them exactly how clean they are expected to leave a property on checkout. There are also lots of great hints and tips included that will help them keep the property clean and in good repair during their tenancy.

Why is the Clean Up video good for inventory clerks?

Inventory clerks are at the front line when it comes to signing off on how clean a property is. Whether in house or independent, they know the standard that every property needs to be in, at check in and check out. The Clean Up video and booklet are a great tool for training and can also be provide to tenants at check in, to show how the property has been cleaned by the landlord and even as a gentle reminder post check out. The booklet can also be left with tenants to help them keep a property in good condition during their tenancy.

Why is the Clean Up video good for cleaning companies?

Like any industry, professional cleaning companies vary in quality and in what they offer. The Clean Up video and booklet are a good way of agents, landlords, and even tenants showing their chosen cleaners exactly what they need on checkout. The video is also a great refresher for training purposes and because it’s endorsed by well respected lettings organisations, it sets an industry standard that many cleaning companies may wish to advertise.

What if I don’t agree with something in the Clean Up video?

Clean Up video is only a guide to what we believe is the highest standard of cleaning needed. If you wish to add your own terms in to a contract (landlords/agents) you are perfectly within your rights to do so, as you would add any terms for your tenants to comply with. For example you may wish to state that even though the video has shown the soft furnishings being cleaned, you may wish to deal with this yourself or you might suggest a particular product that you’d like to provide to your tenants for cleaning the floor for example.